Pipe Down Magazine #BreakTheStigma

Pipe Down magazine continues to grow from strength to strength. Not only are they about to see the release of the third issue any moment now, but they are also hard at work on the launch of a new website for Pipe Down. As some of you might know that each issue is based on an emotion... Continue Reading →

Addiction — Beauty lies within yourself

When we talk about addiction, first thing that comes in everyone’s mind is about drugs, alcohol and smoke. If we look around ourselves everyone is addicted to something or the other apart from these. When we all think about our childhood, always cherish the games played and the utilisation of time. Kho-kho, chain-chain, Raja-Wazir-Chor-Sipahi, snake […]... Continue Reading →

2017 Liebster Award

2017 Liebster Award — Glad to be nominated In June 2016 I started blogging about my addiction and recovery from cocaine addiction. When I left rehab the first time I relapsed so needless to say very little writing was done from December to June 2017. Since then I have made a conscious effort to 2... Continue Reading →

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Every year, way deep in the valleys of mid Wales, on one of  the highest peaks in the UK a group of warriors assemble to tackle one of the biggest mountains out there. Yes the Royal Marine Commandos do train here on a daily basis, however these aren't the warriors I was referring to. Arranged... Continue Reading →

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