When do I know i’m an addict?

Great question?

The Recovery Republic

It’s remarkable how everyone has a different perception about addiction and what it actually means. What is an addict? Is it someone who uses consistently but not all the time?, someone who is dependant to the point the cant function? someone who does something repetitively to satisfy an urge of any sort but isn’t physically dependant? or someone who literally feels on the brink of suicide because they feel that there is no way out unless they fuel their habit?

First of all there are a wide variety of things that you can be addicted to such as the obvious and dangerous things like drugs, alcohol, tobacco & gambling, to what we see as the lesser addictions such as sex, shopping, food and more recently in the modern era the internet and social media, which is something that seems to be rapidly increasing and gathering momentum yet probably goes under the radar.In fact I…

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