Ain’t no mountain high enough

Every year, way deep in the valleys of mid Wales, on one of  the highest peaks in the UK a group of warriors assemble to tackle one of the biggest mountains out there. Yes the Royal Marine Commandos do train here on a daily basis, however these aren’t the warriors I was referring to.

Arranged half way through July, in order to (try) and get the best weather, the warriors that congregate at the bottom ready to climb Pen-Y-Fan mountan are indeed hundreds of recovery warriors.

A blend of people currently in recovery, substance misuse organisations and various rehabs in Wales all in the name of the Choose Life / Drug aid recovery walk; 

If ever there was a sight of mixed emotions and capabilities it was here. There was fear, there was courage, determination, team work and pure pride all rolled into one place.

As people of all different ages, sexes, races and physical abilites congregate for the annual motivational speech by the organisers , the fear and nerves are palpable.

As the assent begins, you start to see something which is so beautiful and rare in this modern day and age. No judgement towards addicts or ex addicts, all equal, no one calling us junkies or crackheads, no police beating on black people all because I of their ‘addiction’ but really it’s their race but more beautifully no competition and an overwhelming feeling of team spirit.   All addicts equal.

Normally we are cast aside by society, but all pulling together, spurring each other on, arms linked supporting those who are struggling with comments of support on both the way up and the way down.

The fear then turns to determination as half way up you can see the struggles of various people but the support from others is driving them up.

When we reach the summit, nearly 1000 metres above sea level, there is a the most amazing view ever, not only can you see for hundreds of miles across Wales on a beautiful summers day but you see faces of pure pride, satisfaction and joy.

A lot of the people involved including myself haven’t achieved anything this great in their lives or certainly for years but they’ve made it and boy when you get to the top it’s worth every second. That feeling of it’s good to be alive hits you and makes you realise why sobriety is so important.

After a quick 15 minutes break and queue to have the iconic photo at the peak of the mountain, the teams and those who have climbed together, me personally was with my rehab center Brynawel, that moment, a reminder that we can climb a mountain as big as Pen Y Fan when most of us initially thought we had no chance.

Of course this event could have been anywhere and doing anything really but the reality is the climbing of a mountain this colossal is purely a metaphor for the fight against addiction.

When you first give up your substance it seems like the impossible task, a challenge you don’t feel like you can complete and something that will get the better of you. Powerless.

Step by step, with the help of your support network you begin to climb and just like each day of sobriety that passes it gets easier and easier.


You think about giving up but you are inspired by those around you, eventually you get to the top and it all becomes worth it. You’ve got your life back and you can finally look around, perfectly present in your own body and mind and just admire the view with an immense sense of pride.

The journey down then is nothing but pure joy, just like your journey in life without substances, and the irony is you don’t look back on the way down unlike on the way up where you look back thinking I can’t do this anymore. You just enjoy the ride.

The ultimate metaphor and the ultimate achievement.

For those who completed it or those who just pushed themselves as far as their bodies would let them, I’m proud to call you all my fellow warriors and I hope this is the moments that our lives are kick-started.

Fighting addiction is a mountain, but it’s worth it just to see the view from the top

Keep climbing!


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  1. I have a family member who is battling addiction. I hope that he will someday decide to turn things around. You have all made So many awesome accomplishments. I’m proud of all of you. It’s so worth is and really is an amazing achievement!

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  2. I’ve been up Ben Nevis, but never Pen y Fan. We also timed our trip for July, in the hopes of having decent weather and not getting caught in a freak snowstorm. Congrats on your accomplishment and ongoing sobriety!

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  3. What a breathtaking view! So totally worth every step for that climb. Addiction is a hard enough battle….refurbished addict myself 🙂 but to be able to conquer that and accomplish wonderful things is an even greater gift. Keep up the good work and remember to keep a great support system around you at all times!!! Hugs

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  4. I grew up in the most southern part of Germany and had my share of mountain climbing in the Alps. There is barely anything that compares to standing at high altitude and looking across the valleys. So happy to see you achieved this with your group of people. Stay strong and take it one day at a time. =)

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  5. I like your post, and I like your post title even more. How true, not just for climbing but for our daily life. It is very motivational and I will keep fighting for sure. Thanks for the post 🙂

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  6. Wow what a beautiful representation of what you are all doing! I’m sure it does feel like an impossible mountain somedays, but like you said, the view from the top is worth it. Also, sidenote, I love that the dog is not looking at the camera in the main photo. That gave me a laugh.

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    1. That dog is actually a resident at the rehab I was at, she is the best therapist there, she walks around group therapy and will cuddle up to the most vulnerable person. She’s a deal asset
      Thanks for reading


  7. These words hit me hard since I am pretty much in a similar situation. Everything I’ve believed in, everything I’ve done is simply turning against me and together creating the biggest obstacle of all time, ” What do I want to do? Isn’t what I have been doing my whole life is my biggest dream and strength? “. I know for sure I have to get through this first before even reaching success and happiness. Your story inspired me a lot, thank you and stay strong!

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  8. You are such an inspiration! We both have been on a journey and I’m so glad to have come across someone else willing to share their story! Great job, and good luck!

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  9. Nice! I used to climb mountains and your post reminded me of the smell of the summit. Climbing makes you connect with the world how awesome it is and how little we are as human being. Good luck on your journey 🙂

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  10. What a great journey! I am actually from austria and we have the alps so I love hiking and climbing. It´s such an amazing feeling to stand at the top of a mountain!!


  11. This is an amazing event as while as accomplishment for those that participate in this climb. The climb up Pen-Y-Fan mountain is a great reminder of the struggles and rewards to these warriors. Kudos to you all for achieving this climb and the positive changes you all have made for yourselves. Thanks for sharing a great event and your experiences.


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