Pipe Down Magazine is Piping up!!

I’m still early in my recovery so I’m taking nothing for granted and am learning day by day. Keeping myself grounded and taking things day by day.

I go to various meetings from fellowship meetings, relapse prevention at my rehab and SMART Meetings

For anyone who has ever been to fellowship meetings they will know that there is a big emphasis on a ‘higher power’. I  still don’t know what my perception is as of yet, I have an idea, my ability to think positively is creating positive things in my life. This is happening because something greater than myself (the universe) is controlling it, based on my ways of thinking, The laws of attraction. At this stage that is my understanding and its working for me

When I was in rehab in June, I must have sent some of my blogs off to maybe 50 + media and social media outlets across the world, inevitably no one responded…. With one exception.

Now bearing in mind like I said, I’d sent blogs to probably 15 Countries but the one person that replied, the person at the end of an email address for a magazine called ‘Pipe Down Magazine‘ was the one that made contact.

I liked the magazine, it was fresh, contemporary and a bit controversial, right up my street and I noticed it was only the 2nd issue, so on the off-chance I made contact, and started ping ponging back and forth with the editor. As the conversation developed, I had established that not only we in the same County, not only were we in the same City and even part of the same substance misuse service, but I was due and had committed to go to the very meeting that she went to on the day I left rehab.

Let that sink in for a minute…..

I 100% believed that my relentless persistence would pay off but a force bigger than me, a spiritual awakening, fate call it what you will, meant that I was supposed to be there and to contribute to the magazine in some capacity.

After numerous emails, meetings, lots of hours and a million cups of coffee, the magazine is growing from strength to strength. I am contributing and helping to develop it and grow it alongside an extremely talented Editor, Minta Jonsson and we are building a great team to hopefullu take it to the point that it’s the main addiction and recovery magazine available to connect and help save lives!
It’s on the brink of its 3rd issue and we have big plans moving forward both as a magazine and online publication.

pipe down photo shoot 2

Today saw the print of a press release by a local paper in South Wales where we were completely open and honest about our battles against addiction and our dreams and ambitions with the magazine.

Today was a good day, a day to be proud of and yet another day where we can say we have chipped away at the stigma of addiction just that little bit.

Just like recovery, its baby steps.


Please feel free to read the article or re-blog it: http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/gwentnews/15478891.Magazine_provides_an_insight_into_addiction/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pipedownmag



59 thoughts on “Pipe Down Magazine is Piping up!!

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  1. It’s scary putting yourself out there. We’d all like to pretend we have always been perfect (I know I would). Glad there’s a publication like this. Thanks for the read.

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  2. I am so proud of you for sharing your story and I’m sure because of it you will be able to reach out and help so many others… what a blessing you will be to so many!!

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  3. Wow you must be such a determined person to do this. The lime that stuck out to me and I quote was
    “I 100% believed that my relentless persistence would pay off but a force bigger than me, a spiritual awakening, fate call it what you will, meant that I was supposed to be there and to contribute to the magazine in some capacity”.
    You see,there is a higher purpose for everyone. Finding it might be a hurdle but with consistence and perseverence,we shall see results.
    This was such a good read

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      1. I agree with that, I am doing this time and admittedly didn’t last time. I’m happy to be accountable for my actions just like i am accountable when i’m doing well.

        Actually connecting with people again has been the the key, instead of isolating myself.

        I wouldn’t be putting my story out there if I couldn’t take a bit of criticism. I know it doesn’t make great reading in parts but as long as it continues to help me in my recovery ill do it I guess

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  4. Thanks for being fearless enough to share your story. I’m sure that it will help many people.
    As far as the magazine goes, congrats. I’m sure all things happen for a reason and it was meant for you to contribute to this magazine. Good luck.

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  5. Really wonderful story., And also an awesome and interesting magazine, this article and magazine will sure helps a lot of people, like what it did to you.


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