The Power of Positive Thinking

From an early age I can remember being told by my parents, family members and teachers to "think positive". Whether exam results, football matches or even just whatever Santa might bring down the chimney for Christmas. Think positive and it might happen. Its one of those things that we are told that always stay with... Continue Reading →


Goodbye to the love of my life

This blog is my letter of farewell to Cocaine, my drug of choice and a love affair that lasted for years. Its an honest letter written by myself in rehab. When giving up drugs or any addiction, especially after a sustained period of time, to suddenly let go means that you lose something, almost like... Continue Reading →

The addict in us

I'm coming round to the idea that all of us have the potential to become an addict. In some form, good or bad, I believe it to be true. There's no science needed, no heavy data analysis or surveys, its there for all to see, plain as day and in its many different forms,  our... Continue Reading →

The Good Fight

Battling addiction is a fight. I've been in a fair few scraps over the years, some physical, some mental and some sports based, but trying to stay clean from substances of any sort is a different ballgame all together. Its a fight but a good fight, that's if you win however, nevertheless I believe its the... Continue Reading →

Life after rehab

So I've done it!! I've completed rehab, got the T-Shirt (and the certificate), more importantly I've got my self esteem and confidence back and believe there is a life without drugs. 24 Hours before I left rehab (when I would get my life back), and returned home, the countdown was on, I was literally clock... Continue Reading →

What is friendship?

When I asked my peers in rehab, what friendship meant to them the words which came up were trust, company, camaraderie, empathetic, rare, a confidant, companionship, support, generous, patient, fun, reliable, non-judgemental, honest, loyal, kind, good listener and various others, there were some expletives as well, as one with a rather cynical view who used words such as "non-existent", "fake" and "a chance to let people... Continue Reading →

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